One more week!

There is only one more week till I leave for Finland and I have never felt such a mixture of emotions. In the last few days I have been doing some last minute shopping for things like thermals, toiletries and clothes for school. Having no uniform seemed a lot more fun when I was younger… funny how things change. I have just about finished doing a rough pack of what I’ll be taking and it looks like I have to cull a few things from my luggage.

While on my exchange, I would love to see the Northern lights and go dog sledding. Towards the end of my exchange there is a Lapland tour where we go and experience what -40 degrees is like! Despite the freezing temperatures, it looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go!

Some foods I would like to try on exchange is reindeer (sorry rudolph), as it seems very interesting and I’m quite curious as to what it would like to see what it tastes like. I am also keen to try salmiakki, a type of liquorice that is salty. I’m not a fan of liquorice, nor does the saltiness make it sound appetising but it sounds interesting and you know, why not?

In the lead up to my departure date I will be working, meeting up with my friends at the beach, drinking lots of milo and eating as many TimTams and as much Vegemite toast as I possibly can!

Although there is a short amount of time till I leave, nothing has really kicked in yet. I feel like I’m supposed to be nervous but to be honest, I’m more excited than anything to get on the plane and see what my exchange year has install for me!

Moi moi!

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Scandinavian liquorice is pretty weird tasting… but they all love it!

Great bucket list – dog sledding sounds like loads of fun!


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